At Lybracoustics, we have chosen  to use artisanal processes to finish your stand, discarding industrial and non eco sustainable processes. This process is certainly more expensive, but we preferred to spare no expense in order to give the stand an intrinsic value of uniqueness and dignity as an art form.

The steel of our shelves is worked by expert craftsmen who, with passion, patience and precision, polish the various components completely by hand, one at a time.

The satin finishing process is carried out through three phases. Our craftsmen scrupulously check the consumption of the material  through to the last phase, until the component reaches the perfect degree of finish and uniformity with all parts of the platform.

The polished process, on the other hand, is even more complex. Six steps are carried out until a mirror finish of the steel is obtained. Here too, the components are hand-polished until the elegant, precious effect is achieved. In order to give the high grade stainless steel a long life no chemical process is undertaken in the finishing procedure.

To maintain this quality and resistance even in more chemically hostile environments such as at sea, on yachts for example, we have also purposefully used the highest grade of steel with an impeccable finish to ensure long life. 

If the finish of your stand should get damaged or scratched, there is no need to worry. Our polishing service is at your disposal to make it as good as new..