Lybracoustics is a new company founded by Davide Basile.

With a professional background in electronic engineering, a fervent interest in music through playing and listening alongside a deep interest and talent for innovative design, it was a natural progression for the founder of Lybracoustics to form a company working in the Hi End sector in the audio world.

Under his direction, with the innovative and uncompromising standard for high performance electronics, Stand 5 was created.

Stand 5 is a convergence of the principles on which Lybracoustics is founded and which represent its mission.


Lybracoustics is always committed to the search for materials which will best aid the performance of the equipment and of the room, in doing so, no compromise concerning shape or type of material is ever made.  Preconception is not the basis of our research.

Our principal aim is to glean the best sonic result, so we offer our clients only this, without any diminution. Lybracoustics has no interest in selling a brand but only the fruit of its experience ~ the best product.

Lybracoustics brings a new concept of Hi End entertainment to the market. The stand transforms from a passive object which acts as a simple rest for electronic equipment into an object of exceptional design.


Lybracoustics has chosen to design and produce items that go beyond performance and design. Each piece has an artistic value which can be expressed in the finish and specific processes. Although reproducible, each piece has its own uniqueness, its own distinctive character

Lybracoustics adopts a non -consumerist production paradigm. All items are made from noble and recyclable materials. Each one must assimilate the concept of modularity in order to offer the maximum scope for customization and complete convertibility, adapting over time to our changing needs.