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The Platform Area is the space within the parameters of the four uprights as shown in the diagram
below, aerial view.

The dimensions of the platform area are always expressed as length and width.

The dimensions must be greater than the area covered by your electronics. For example: if your amplifier measures 50x40 cm the correct platform area should be 55x45 cm.

Please, be aware that you can order a 55x45 cm platform to be used for your equipment measuring 40x50 cm, just placing the marked section of corner post in the right position (front left).

If you want to use more than one level in order to stack your electronic equipment, then you use the measurement of the largest piece.


Upright dimension is the height of the middle section cylinder of an upright.

If you are using one platform level then you can choose the height you prefer, however, if you are stacking your electronic equipment then you need to consider the height of each piece of equipment
being placed on each level.

The height of the platform area is determined by the measurement of the middle section of each upright cylinder on the corner posts. This should be equal to the height of the electronic equipment being placed on that level.

In this manner, your electronics will have equal distances from the bar of the upper stand and the bar of the platform that carries the amplifier (almost 5 cm).


You can choose if you prefer to have crossbars running lengthwise or widthwise, which ever you prefer, according to the layout you need.

In order to do that, after choosing your platform area and how to place it, please select the length of your crossbars. Long crossbars will be parallel to the longer side; short crossbars will be parallel to the shorter side.

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